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Not so long ago I took a calligraphy class run by Quill London and taught by the lovely Imogen Owen. Learning new skills and crafts is a bit of a new years resolution for me next year so when Quill announced they were scheduling a date for a calligraphy class in Cambridge before Xmas, I felt it was too good to miss!

Now I’ll admit, when it comes to learning something new I am not the best student. As a teacher (part of the time) I give all the good advice to my students… don’t worry if it isn’t right first time, relax, you’ll get it eventually….. but I find it hard to put into practice! If I can’t do something first time I have a habit of throwing my toys out of the pram & giving up. And calligraphy, it turns out, is not the easiest skill to become a master of, but Imogen was the perfect teacher. She made sure she spent time with each of us individually to encourage and correct when needed & was fun & inspirational to watch & listen to. Phew!

We started with down & up strokes, changing the pressure to create different lines, not as easy as it may sound. The alphabet was next & for my first ever attempt I was quite proud of what I had achieved, albeit a little shaky!

I went to the class with my friend Claire & we had some lovely fellow students on our table, one who was learning to write for her wedding next year & we all know how much I like to chat wedding!!

Our last task was to join the letters we had been practising into words. I think I now know what my four year old self felt like when learning to write my name for the first time! Thinking about each letter & how it was going to connect to the next was a bit of a brain ache but when I got the flow it was a great feeling.

The class was held at Novi in Cambridge who provided some delicious pastries and teas & coffees throughout the class. My arabian mint tea was particularly tasty!

So I’ve uncharacteristically got off to a great start with my resolution for next year, now just to keep practising those stokes! One thing I have done to help me on my path to becoming a master of new crafts next year is sign up to the We Make Collective subscription kits created by the lovely Fran from Fall for DIY. The first one is for Calligraphy & Brush lettering & I’ll be sharing how I’ve got on with the first kit on the blog soon!

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