DaphneRosa in bloom…

2015 done… wow… where did it go! As I sit here with my restorative hot chocolate from last nights shenanigans it’s great to think about the year that has gone by.


Thats not what this post is about though, because as lovely as it is to ponder all the good that has happened there is inevitably the bad too & 2015 for me wasn’t the year. We all know that on social media we only share the best, the prettiest & the most successful, I mean no-one wants to see the piles of washing I still need to do or the moments when I just have a cry for no reason. Don’t worry, there’s no dramatic story to tell but I am definitley ready to welcome the new year with open arms and excited about the possibilties that it may bring!


Notebook: OhSquirrel

So onto the reason for posting in the first place… I am embarking on a year long project! Now 2015 was the year I found podcasts. I know, I know I sound like your grandma, so behind with technology but any hoo I found this world of information & inspiration & Elise Gets Crafty in particular (if you have a small business & haven’t checked it out you really should!). Totally inspired by all these fabulous creatives I decided that in 2016 I wanted to complete a project. I didn’t know what it was going to be but I just knew that I wanted to do something just for me, to develop my craft, to learn something new and to just enjoy the process of making.


photo credit: Lola Hoad Design

So here it is… #daphnerosainbloom. I have set myself the challenge of making a different, seasonal flower each month using fabric or other materials depending on what works best. I hope to broaden my floral repertoire for bouquets and the like but also explore the language of flowers, their meanings & hopefully create my own versions in terms of colour & pattern. I plan to branch out of weddings a little this year, to create some products for those of you without a ring on your finger! So some of these new flowers may turn into new products but if they don’t I don’t mind, it’s all about the process & progress.


Notecard: OhSquirrel

I’ll be documenting my progress on the blog & my Instagram & Facebook pages so do pop over if you fancy seeing what I’m up to!


Pen & quote card: Kikki-k

The first flower of January will be out tomorrow so for now I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year full of love, happiness & new beginnings, & a few flowers thrown in for good measure!




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