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So January has arrived & after a slightly slow start, relishing the last of the festive holidays, the #daphnerosainbloom project has begun!


Each month this year I am challenging myself to create a new flower. This flower will be seasonal to that month & created from whichever materials best suit, whether that be fabric, paper or something totally unexpected.

Now I won’t lie the decision for which flower would become my focus this month wasn’t an easy one. Having done some research & made my decision (or so I thought) I decided I should probably chat to my father-in-law who is in the flower business. Several cups of tea later I thought I had my list for the year & then in the garden centre I changed my mind yet again, there are just too many beautiful blooms!

So here it is, the first #daphnerosainbloom of 2016 is the Azalea.


I just fell in love with it’s soft papery petals & immediately felt inspired with how I might create something similar by hand. The whole aim of the project is to challenge myself creatively & if you want to know more about the whys and wherefores check out my post here.

Now Azaleas can be grown both in the garden & indoors I will be looking at the indoor variety in particular which is currently in bloom as you can see! I love the delicate nature of the flower with its glossy green leaf & with lots of different varieties I am excited to explore different tones & combinations of colour throughout the month.

I’ll be documenting my progress in a sketchbook, sketching & sampling along the way & will be sharing pages here on the blog as I go if I can find some that aren’t too messy!


The first step in working out how I am going to make these bad boys is to understand how they are put together so a little disassembly was in order. Being the delicate bloom that they are I carefully separated each petal to see how they were connected, oh the pretty!


Having had a little play I then needed to decide what materials would be best to recreate the flowers. I think a paper element is going to be key but possibly combined with a fabric as I can’t quite bear to leave them out completely!

So all that’s left to do now is to start making flowers! There will be a blog post each Monday documenting my progress over the month so if you fancy following my journey then just click the button in the right-hand corner of your screen or at the bottom of this page!


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