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Well it’s Monday, so here to cheer you up is a dose of floral prettiness in the form of the first update of my year long creative project for 2016, #daphnerosainbloom.

Now if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen some pretty snaps of the beautiful Azalea – the flower I have chosen for January – in bloom in the studio.

What you won’t have seen are any pictures of my own versions. Now I am going to be completely honest – because I’m blogging now & that’s what I can do right? – I think I’ve been scared. No scrap that, I know I’ve been scared. It seems that this week I have been completing any other job on my list rather than sit down with my sketchbook & make those flowers. When you are creative & make something yourself for others there is a huge amount of fear. Will it be any good? Will anyone like it? Will anyone buy it? Will I make a fool of myself?… the list goes on. I guess I have been worried that after making this big song & dance about making new flowers each month & developing my craft that I wouldn’t actually be able to make anything worthwhile. Luckily today I did what I forced myself to do when I started this business of mine – that story can wait for another day – and that was just start…


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Once I began I realised that I had nothing to fear as this project is all for me, I don’t need to worry about whether a customer is going to like what I produce or not & actually once I started I realised I can make some alright looking flowers so here they come!


Working in a sketchbook again is such a joy. I think the last time would have been when I was at uni – I’m not going to work out how long ago that was – & I’m really relishing the opportunity to use one now to document this project so apologies now for sketchbook spam!


Taking the time to really study the Azalea & how it’s constructed has been a bit of an eye opener & gave me a clear view as to how I might start to recreate it. I tried a metallic fabric to start as I thought it would manipulate well with my favourite tool in the studio – my blow torch – & pleasingly it did. I was quite happy with the quality of the petals & the shape that was created but the fabric was quite dense. Next up was a pleated gold fabric which was not my favourite so it’s been relegated to the background!


I tried a couple of other synthetic fabrics which also worked well with the blow torch & although there’s still plenty of work left to do this month I don’t think they’re bad for a first attempt!

Then I made the – what felt like – crazy decision to pick up some paper. Now this is not a new concept – paper flowers – but it is to me & I felt like I was stepping out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did! The papery quality of the Azalea was really captured – unsurprisingly – by the crepe & tissue paper which I manipulated by screwing up or stretching to create the petal shapes. I expected the tissue paper – the flower with gold flecks – to work well but this just wasn’t the case & the crepe paper worked so much better.

Now I am nowhere near the skill of the fantastic paper flower artists I follow on-line but it has been fun to have a go & I look forward to exploring the medium some more over the next few weeks.

So there we have it, my start & the beginning of #daphnerosainbloom. I hope it’s been interesting so far, I hope you’re not bored yet & I’ll see you back here next week for the next installment!

Feel free to let me know what you think, which flowers are your favourite or if you have any ideas for what I could do next in the comments below!






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