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In December I took some time to think about what I wanted to achieve in 2016, not just within the business but also for me & top of my list was to be kind to myself. Now this doesn’t mean I am going to be spending my days lounging around doing nothing or having lazy weekends at the spa – although that does sound rather nice now I’ve written it – but I am going to attempt to look after myself a little better. As a first step I decided to make time in my schedule to learn new things and the We Make Collective subscription box came along at just the right time!

‘Material kits to inspire a creative living’


Fran from Fall for DIY created the boxes to give anyone who wanted to try a new craft all the tools they needed to get started & keep going. Here’s what she says about them…

“I decided to start we make collective after meeting far too many people that don’t believe in their own creativity. Creativity is something we practice and learn. Not something we’re gifted with.”

Spending part of my days as a teacher & also teaching craft workshops to beginners this is something I whole heartedly believe in & support. There is nothing better than seeing someone achieve something which they didn’t believe they could & the we make collective boxes give everyone that opportunity.

So on to the kit itself! The box fitted through my letterbox which for me is such a bonus as I am constantly worrying about how annoyed our neighbours are about all of the parcels they take in! All the resources came wrapped up in brown paper & twine – see above for the pretty – & here’s what was inside…

Some of these goodies I was a little familiar with as I had taken a beginners calligraphy class in December run by Quill London and the lovely Imogen Owen – which was fab by the way! – for more details see my post here.

So in the kit you get…

  • a pen & nib set with a variety of different nibs
  • black & white ink & a pipette
  • some Sugru to make your own ink pot
  • a water brush & set of watercolours
  • a sketchbook

As I had already dabbled a little with calligraphy I thought I would start by trying my hand at the brush lettering. Alongside the kits, as a we make collective member, you have access to a range of expert tutorials showing you different ways in which you can use your resources. Teri from The Lovely Drawer had created a lovely tutorial for brush lettering so off I went!


I started with some simple up & down strokes to try & get a feel for the brush & how much pressure I needed to apply to get the difference in strokes. I found the up strokes more difficult, trying to create a fine line with the water brush was a little tricky! Then I moved onto letters & writing in capital letters was definitely where I started to feel a bit more comfortable with the technique.

Then I decided to get creative with colour! The watercolours which came in the kit are really good quality & are going to give me many hours of playing around! It’s hard to know what to write when you are practicing as I didn’t have a purpose for the lettering – oh the joy of just having time to create with no agenda – so my name seemed a good start & then the name of my new project – #daphnerosainbloom – look out for lettering spam on my Instagram!

I’ve subscribed so I receive a new box every two months which costs £30. I think it’s great value for money as the kits don’t just allow you to make one item, you can keep on learning & making till your heart’s content! The next box is out in February & is all about natural dyeing with shibori & batik which I’m super excited to try, so watch this space!




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