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Week 2 of DaphneRosa in bloom… can you believe we are half way through January already?! Yesterday was apparently the day on which most people give up on their new years resolutions – well 17 days is a pretty good effort I reckon –  & although it’s been a little tough to find time this week my year long creative project is still in full swing, go me!


Last week I concentrated on the creation of the flowers first of all & then experimenting with different materials. Although I was pleased with my first attempts I knew there was plenty of room for development!


The focus this week was to really get to grips with the form of the flower & try to use materials to create a more realistic version. The Azalea has a beautiful curled edge to its petals which is not the easiest effect to create using fabric, as I found out!

I needed the fabric to be able to be manipulated with heat to add texture to the edges of the petals but not burn too quickly & end up in shreds! Below are examples of where I used synthetic fabrics to achieve a better form to the individual petals but some were just too delicate to cope with the heat of the blow torch…


I realised that if I was really going to get that frilly layered look to the petals I was going to have to think carefully about how I was stitching the petals together too. Looking closer at the Azalea I realised the centre of the flower needed to be denser & I also tried combining the more delicate fabric with tissue paper. I am quite pleased with both of these & definitely feel like I’m moving in the right direction!

As part of this project I also want to look into the stories behind certain flowers, why we give them & their importance for different occasions. This week I am going to look at January’s birth flower, the Carnation.


Probably best known for being that cheap bunch of flowers that can be found at most petrol stations but they also have much grander uses. For example it is tradition at Oxford for students to wear carnations to all examinations. A white carnation for the first, a red carnation for the last and pink for all in between. It is believed that this originated from a white carnation being kept in a red inkpot for the duration of exams so that by the last exam it was completely red.


I personally think they are totally underrated & are a favourite bloom for us to have at home as they have lovely colour combinations, beautiful layered petals & don’t cost the earth! Carnations also hold a special place for me as my Nan’s garden was always full of them. I loved walking around the garden with her explaining all the names of the different varieties & as she is the namesake for my business it seems only right to have looked at one of her favourites!

If you want to see more examples of the flowers I’ve looked so far come & find me on Pinterest where I have boards dedicated to the project with both Azaleas & Carnations for this month.

Pretty pics of flowers & ideas for how they can be styled… what more could you want?!




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