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Whether you love it or hate it Valentines is going to be all up in our faces before we know it. I personally don’t go in for the whole commercialism aspect of the day itself – we don’t go all out on expensive presents or treats – but in this super charged busy world we live in it is nice to have some designated time to focus on us for at least 1 day!

I’m not a big fan of the mush though & I’m always on the hunt for a card which will put a smile on his face rather than shower him with goopy romantic sentiments. Last year I gave him this Oh Squirrel beauty…


Card: Oh Squirrel

I showed it to my teenage students before I gave it to him who all declared that I was a mean wife but I think he appreciated it! I did of course add my own words inside which were of a much more complimentary tone & I personally think that means more than whatever Clinton cards has deemed appropriate for our relationship.

There are more and more alternative valentines cards springing up so I thought I’d do a bit of a round up of my favourites this year…

If you haven’t come across Lola Hoad Design yet you really must check her out! Lola is totally killing it with her minimalist & monochrome graphic style – her Instagram feed just makes me want to throw everything out & paint my entire house white – & she has designed this gem for Valentines this year…


Shop the card here

Total genius for any of us who have boyfriends/husbands who dutifully wait for us to take a picture while their food gets cold.

The lovely Katie from Oh Squirrel has smashed it again this year with her whimsical take on tradition…


Shop the card here

The hubby got me some of her awesome pencils for Christmas – blog post here – as he had noticed I had bought loads of Oh Squirrel goodies for everyone else… definite keeper.

For a touch of the romantic I love Rachel from Oh No Rachio’s Ed Sheeran card design with that line from ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and her cute astrological pattern, what a beaut.


Shop the card here

Once you’ve snapped up your perfect card you might want a little something to go with it to treat your special someone, so fresh off the studio table are my single stem leather roses in white & metallic pink.

I love making these pretties, each one hand crafted with UK sourced leather to create a  bloom that will last forever, a permanent reminder of what a top dog you are to your significant other, win win!


Each flower comes with an optional personalised message & packaged up ready to gift. There is a limited run of the roses so head over to the etsy shop to snap up yours, no last minute petrol station blooms needed this year!




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