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This week I attended the first UK KikkiK workshop in their flagship store in Covent Garden. If you haven’t heard of KikkiK – where have you been?! – they are a stationery brand created by founder & stationery lover Kristina Karlsson. Swedish born Kristina saw a gap in the market for beautiful stationery & home goods influenced by her homeland whilst living in Australia & KikkiK was born.


They have recently opened their first store in the UK & are now launching their series of planner related workshops & I was lucky enough to attend the first one! I went with my good pal – & now ‘accountability buddy’ – Claire & we arrived in store to be greeted by the smiliest of shop staff & a glass of champagne, good start!


If I’m honest I really didn’t know what to expect from a ‘Goal Setting workshop’ but it surpassed any expectations I didn’t have. Limited to small numbers meant we could all be involved & could receive one to one help if needed. One corner of the shop was beautifully set up with lovely white chairs, our Goals Journal, pen & nibbles & we all had name badges which was great to help us get to know each other a little.

Morgan – who ran our workshop – began by explaining the ethos behind the KikkiK brand & a little background about founder Kristina. We were then guided through a series of activities designed to make us think a little deeply about what we want in life & how we are going to get it. We all know that we should be setting ‘smart’ goals but I’ve never really stopped to think about why I’m setting them & whether they are actually going to get me to where I really want to be.

For me establishing my core values was definitely the highlight. We had a list of lots of different qualities from which we had to select 20, then whittle it down to 10 & then just 3 which we chose for our core values for the year ahead. I found it really tough at the start but once I had chosen my 3 it seemed as if I should have known them from the very beginning!


This year is looking to be one of change in both my working & personal life so ‘Change’ was a definite. ‘Growth’ encompassed many other attributes such as ‘Development’, ‘Learning’ & ‘Accomplishment’ so I felt it was a must & then ‘Balance’ to reflect my desire to look after myself this year, hustling hard but also taking care to have time for myself & my loved ones. It was really great that Morgan shared some of her own goals & ideas to help us understand what we should be doing. Here she is with an example of a vision board illustrating her goals & core values. I will be sharing my inspiration wall in the studio soon!


The goals journal came as part of the cost of the workshop which I think is very reasonable for all that you get. Just like all of the stationery from KikkiK it is beautifully designed & excellent quality, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of minty green & copper metallic foiling?! The first section of the book – about 45 pages – guides you through all the activities you need in order to be ready to set your goals for the year. Then there are monthly sections to specify which core values you are working towards that month & 4 goals which will get you there. This also includes determining any road blocks that might get in your way.

After the 1 1/2 hour workshop we had the entire store to ourselves for shopping, woop! As usual I could have bought most of the store so I feel quite proud of my restrained haul, at least my hubby is pleased!


Scissors/The Happiness Project/Cards/Pen

After a crazy busy week with the business, day job, parents evenings & the like it was a real luxury to have dedicated time to myself & do something which was so inspirational. We discussed how often it feels selfish to spend time thinking about yourself but is so essential & with one of my goals this year ‘to be kind to myself’ it’s something which I aim to do a little more this year. To find out more about the workshops KikkiK offer here.

I’d love to know what your favourite KikkiK products are? I’m still hankering after the Ice Blue perforated planner… think I might just bite the bullet & snap it up while it’s in the sale… life’s too short right? Just don’t tell the other half…




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