February’s flower… the Daphne

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A new month means a new flower to study for my #daphnerosainbloom project & February’s bloom is the Daphne. When I was deciding which flowers to study, for some months it was difficult to narrow it down to just one & some were a little trickier to decide. When it came to February however it was obvious!

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Now the Daphne isn’t a flower I know much about & being an evergreen shrub it’s not usually featured in floral arrangements in the home so I’m looking forward to giving it a little airtime this month!

The whole reason for embarking on the DaphneRosa in Bloom project was to give me the freedom to be creative without an agenda so I decided to do something a little different this month & try making the flowers out of clay! As the flowers on the shrub are fairly miniature but still need to retain shape in their petals I thought it might be a little difficult in fabric so got my rolling pin out & got started…

Having picked up some cheap modelling tools & air dry clay I had a go at my first flower. Now my only past experience working with clay – other than making my mum an interesting coil pot she still has in her kitchen… yay for mums – was making our ring plate for our wedding…


If I’m completely honest I thought it would be fairly easy to cut out a few petals & knock up some flowers but it turns out not so! So my first few attempts are certainly work in progress but I’m here to learn so let’s hope they get better as the weeks go on!


One thing I did love having a play around with is metallic foil. I think I was a magpie in a former life as I love anything shiny & this copper foil is a beauty! Again, definitely not the finished article yet & needs varnish of some kind – any suggestions welcomed – but it’s a start!

The daphne was an obvious choice this month, not only because it forms part of my business name but also because DaphneRosa is named after my Nan, Daphne Rosina Durston. Whether it was knitting, sewing or making Christmas decorations out of salt dough she was my crafting inspiration, taught me how to be creative & so much more. She was an incredible woman, a brilliant role model & the person who encouraged me to follow my creative pursuits. As my biggest supporter I wouldn’t be where I am today without her & I’m sure she would be proud of all my achievements were she still with us today. This ones for you Nan.



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