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New years resolutions are not really my thing but over the Christmas & New Year period I did spend some time reflecting on the year that had past & planning for 2016. One of the things I was really compelled to do was to create an inspiration wall in my studio. Having read quite a bit about how motivational it can be to have a visual representation of what you want & having some empty wall space in the studio it seemed a perfect way to stay on track towards my goals. If you want to learn more about my goals for the year & an example of how to use a motivation board see my post here about the KikkiK goal setting workshop I attended recently.

January always seems a great time to get these things done, making plans for the year ahead & embarking on new challenges but it turned into a busy one for me with new projects & commissions – not that I’m complaining! – & the wall in the studio was left bare. So here we are now in February & with a scheduled blog post to write about my inspiration wall I thought I had better pull my finger out and get it started!


So I had my white wall but where to start?! I had collected a few quote cards from KikkiK – of course – so these were up first to provide a bit of motivational encouragement for those days when I am knee-deep in washing, I have a million emails to send & my goals seem just a distant dream…

Then I added in some images of my own. I had recently had some snaps printed for my #daphnerosainbloom project sketchbook – see more about my year-long creative project here – & added a few extras to my order in preparation for starting my inspiration wall. I got my prints from Sticky9 who do all sorts from prints to magnets & the quality was excellent with speedy service so I’m sure I’ll be back for more soon!


I chose some images from my #daphnerosainbloom project as this is a major goal for me this year & was an essential for the wall. I also selected a couple of my favourite bouquet commissions from last year which were in the style of how I see my work progressing this year along with skills I would like to develop such as my brush lettering – which I have completely fallen in love with thanks to my WeMakeCollective subscription box… for me info see my review blog post here – …


Then I added some small pieces of my own work including some fabric flowers – of course – & some metallic clay work which I am currently enjoying developing for this months #daphnerosainbloom flower…

Finally I added some materials & colours which I want to focus on for 2016 to clarify my branding & focus for design work such as ribbons etc.


So there you have it! Thank goodness that I have started blogging this year as it has been a real motivator to make sure things get done & I’m so pleased to have my inspiration wall up and running! It is definitely a work in progress which I expect to add to & develop as the year goes by so make sure you follow below if you want to see the developments. Do you have a way of inspiring progress or making sure you achieve those goals? I’d love to hear in the comments..

Have a lovely weekend!



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