Clay flowers progress…

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For my #daphnerosainmybloom project this week I have been working with clay to make Daphne flowers. When I started this project I wanted it to give me the freedom to experiment & be creative without agenda & already I am seeing the benefits of this. I have some exciting projects in the pipeline with my Azaleas from January – see round-up of January here – & this month I am working with a medium I never expected… job done right?! Making clay flowers is turning out to be a lot of fun & I’m enjoying getting my hands dirty!

As much as I have been enjoying the project so far & I’m sure on social media it seems like I have all the time in the world to work on it but as those of us know who use Instagram & such like know, it’s not always a fair depiction of real life. In reality it has been a bit tricky some weeks to fit it in with the day job & business getting busier & I’ll be honest, there have been some weeks when I have been busy making flowers the day before to make sure I have what I need for the following days blog post. Does this make me a bad person – No. Does it mean I have to show this all the time on Instagram – No. But I want my blog to be a place of honesty, where I can share the reality behind running a one woman business, warts & all so there we have it! However, with a mini family break planned for this weekend – while you read this I will hopefully be cosied up drinking hot chocolate, playing board games & looking out to sea – I knew I had to pull my finger out & get on with it a little earlier!


So last week I had decided that clay was going to be my medium for the month even though my experience with it is limited! See my first blog post here for a bit of background into my choice to make clay flowers & the personal reasons for choosing the Daphne for February. Having cut the petals freehand to begin with I knew I needed something to help me get a more accurate & polished shape to the petals so invested in some cutters. I got these leaf cutters from the crafting holy grail that is Hobbycraft. Immediately I realised that with the correct tools or equipment any job instantly becomes easier!


Having cut the petals out I then needed to join them to form the clay flower shape. I utilised the clay skills that I had gained when I was about 11 – thankyou Mrs Price – & scored the clay & added a little water to help bind the 2 petals. I found it easier to join them in pairs first & then the 2 pairs together to form the full flower & I was quite pleased with how the first ones came out, already an improvement on the previous week, phew!

So now I had the shape I thought about how I could make them look even more realistic & played around with different stamen for the centres. This not only helped them to look more like the actual Daphne flower but is also a way that I could start to add some colour.

I had very briefly experimented with the use of metallic foil last week so I was keen to develop this too, this time with a bit of silver. These are still in progress so I’ll share more of the metallic clay flowers next week but here’s a sneak peek…

It is my plan for the week ahead to start playing with colour & experimenting with paints & varnishes on the clay so if any clay experts have any suggestions please let me know in the comments, I am all ears!

Hope you all have a lovely week! I’ll be back with more flowers next week but if you want to keep up to date in between do come & join me on Instagram for all the flower fun & probably some holiday spam from this weekend! #sorrynotsorry



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