DIY painted pebbles…

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Inspired by my mini holiday & all the love for my painted pebbles on Instagram last weekend I thought I would share a little DIY of how to decorate your own. Now we all know that no matter how hard you try, when you walk down a beach in this country you can’t resist looking for shells, smooth pebbles & what not that you end up distributing in the garden when you get home as you don’t want or need them… no? just me?!


Last weekend I took a little holiday with my hubby & family to the Norfolk coast & did just this. We stayed in a fabulous cottage built around a train carriage – yes that’s right, a train carriage in the house! – complete with log burning stove to warm us up after long walks on the beach which was right out of the front door… it really was the dream retreat for a winter break.


Having spent time with my younger cousin beach combing & collecting these lovely white pebbles I wanted to come up with something we could do together to actually utilise them & distract him from his computer game for a few minutes! I had packed my paints & brush from my We make Collective kit – see my review of the kit here – so DIY painted pebbles it was!


As you can see I had a bit of a romantic feel going on, my cousin’s were not quite so mushy & featured his favourite football team & fish just to name a couple. So having brought a load more pebbles home with me I thought I’d take a break from work & spend some time just being creative & share my DIY with you too for the next time you collect those inevitable keepsakes from the beach.


I love a super easy DIY project & this was just that as I could use any craft materials I had to hand. These metallic foils are a bit of a favourite of mine at the moment & you can get them from Hobbycraft.


Other materials I used for my DIY were poster paints, pva glue, glitter, watercolours & ribbon. I painted some pebbles a complete colour & some with pattern. Some were covered in the foil & some in glitter & one was even wrapped up with ribbon…

I am loving my brush lettering at the moment so there had to be a little of it on my pebbles, added using normal watercolour paints. It can bleed a little when it dries & sometimes you get a different colour outline around the letters but I think this only adds to the effect!


So here they all are…


As it’s super easy this would be a great craft activity for young children but I had fun getting messy on my own too! Now just to find somewhere to put them all, surely too pretty for the garden?!

Have a great weekend!




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