February’s clay flowers…

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So February is at an end which means one flower is finishing & another is starting with my #daphnerosainbloom project. February’s flower – the daphne – has been interesting & challenging in equal measure! The purpose of the project has always been to push myself to think creatively about the flowers I am creating & also an opportunity to experiment with using alternative materials. Clay was the material of the month & I’ve spent this month experimenting with different ways to create the petals, add colour & finishing effects…

This last week of the month has been spent making more clay flowers but also sketching in my #daphnerosainbloom sketchbook, exploring other ways to represent the flowers each month. One of my favourite things when I was a student was working in a sketchbook. I’ve always loved to draw & use a sketchbook to explore & display my ideas in interesting ways & I’m so pleased that this project has given me a reason to work in one again & I’m loving drawing again.

Using a range of media including pencil, pen & watercolours, I spent time looking closely at the daphne using my pinterest board for this month – see here – & sketching & doodling from the imagery I had collected.

Drawing without looking at the page is something I do with my students to force them to not be so concerned with creating a perfect representation of what they are studying & to create something totally unique so I thought I’d give it a go!


I’m really pleased with some of the outcomes & they are already giving me ideas for some potential paper based products in the future.

In terms of the flowers themselves I made a few more blooms & like last month created a video of the process. Still not my area of expertise but if you fancy seeing a little behind the scenes then see below…

I then spray painted them instead of hand painting or using the metallic foil. I stuck with the metallic theme that seems to have arisen this month – no real surprises there! – & chose silver. The spray paint worked really well to give an even coverage & was obviously much quicker than painting by hand.



Working with clay has also inspired me to think about other products I might like to make with the material & I recently used it to make a gift tag for my goddaughters christening present. Thinking of possibly adding these as a customisable product in my Etsy shop, possible place names for weddings or just to jazz up your present wrapping, I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!


Once I had finished all my flower experiments I was left with lots of mini blooms & wondering what I could do with them. As they are naturally quite delicate in nature I didn’t want to risk using them in a hair accessory which was my first thought. Instead I have created a mini flower-pot which could be used to decorate a windowsill, desk or any interior space which needs a little added pretty!


I’ve been wanting to have a competition on my favourite social media platform – the wondrous Instagram – for a while so thought this would be an ideal prize for one lucky winner. As this will not be released as a product to purchase it is your chance to get your hands on a DaphneRosa one-off & they don’t need watering, bonus! Just pop on over to my page here & follow the instructions.

Next months flower is set to be the Daffodil so join me next week to see what I’ve gotten up to in week 1!

Have a good one peeps!



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