DaphneRosa in Bloom… March

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The arrival of March brings not only my birthday – woop! – but also a change of bloom for #daphnerosainbloom & this month is the Daffodil. It’s been lovely to see these vibrant flowers popping up in my Instagram feed as people snap them up in the shops & I’m excited to be focusing on the sunny Daffodil this month. The arrival of the Daffodil seems to mark the beginning of spring & brings a welcome splash of colour to our homes & gardens after the dark months of winter.


I’ve always loved how the Daffodil just seems to spring out of the ground over night & can produce such beautiful displays of colour in our gardens & on the roadside which I always have to stop & snap. My village has particularly beautiful displays of the flower – not that I’m biased at all – & I’m looking forward to seeing them out in full force soon.


So my first challenge with the flowers each month is to try & work out what material I am going to use to recreate the bloom. The Daffodil needs to be made from a material which is stiff enough for it to create the form of the trumpet in the centre so I am thinking either something like crepe paper or a thicker fabric such as denim or leather. I’d really like to retain the natural colour of the flowers too so this needs to be factored in to any decision. I’ll share with you next week what I decided on & how it went!


For this first week with the Daffodils I decided to concentrate on looking at their form to help me decide how best to recreate them & also continue with the drawing I had enjoyed last month.

Daffodil sketchbook

I really am loving working in a sketchbook again & exploring different ways of sketching the Daffodil’s. I’m certainly not happy with everything I’ve done but this project is all about ‘progress not perfection’ & I feel it’s important to share the progress even if it’s work I’m not 100% happy with. As a creative this can be difficult as we naturally want people to think our work is good & worthy of praise so I still cringe a little when including it but hopefully it will only get better from here!

Daffodil sketchbook wide

Having plonked – sorry, carefully arranged – some of the Daffodils in my cute little OH NO Rachio! ceramic pot I thought I’d sketch it & then add colour.

I was quite pleased with how it came out so tried a bit of colour on the Daffodils themselves next.

Daffodil sketch2

Drawing the flowers is definitely something I want to continue with this month so expect to see more pen & ink & sketchbook shots! I’m busy collating inspirational pics over on Pinterest for the project & beyond so come & have a peek here for lots of beautiful florals & more!

See you next week for another instalment, have a good one!





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