Daffodil drawing development…

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So what’s been happening in the land of #daphneorasinbloom this week I hear you cry? Well drawing daffodils, drawing daffodils & a bit of cutting & sticking is the short story. But when have I ever stuck to the short story…


Last week saw me make the radical decision not to make any flowers this month at all & focus my efforts on 2d work, with the aim to create a print or 2 to potentially sell to hopefully raise money for the charity Marie Curie  as part of their Great Daffodil Appeal, see blog post here. With that focus in mind drawing daffodils was key this week in order to design what the print itself was going to look like.



I love that the project is reconnecting me to things I had loved doing in the past & I plan to make some really exciting changes to the business going forward as a result… super secret at the moment but more to come soon I promise…

So the drawing part I was good with & spending time doodling in the sketchbook, drawing & redrawing the flowers  was great & then came the stress of adding colour… as mentioned last week on Instagram, I always get scared at this stage that I am going to ruin my work so decided to have a play with collage…


I like the effect of drawing over the collage & am sure that a combination of colour & line drawing will feature in the final print.


As part of the project I have also been looking into the flowers themselves so this week saw a little Daffodil research too so get ready for some fun facts! The Daffodil – or Narcissus – is frequently linked to the myth of Narcissus who was so obsessed with his own reflection in the water that he drowned & a narcissus flower grew where he died.


They have been used for healing & medicinal purposes since Ancient Roman times & more recently in a drug to combat Alzheimer’s disease. Narciclasine is a substance found in the bulb which – according to some medical studies – could also have the potential to treat breast cancer. However due to the toxic sap found in the stem the daffodil should not be kept in a vase with other flowers.


The Daffodil is not only the flower of March & the signal for the start of spring but is also linked to the 10th wedding anniversary. Daffodils were a symbol of chivalry in Victorian times & giving a bunch of daffodils ensures happiness & represents good fortune so keep em’ coming!

Daffodil sketchbook1

A little experimentation with colour & digitising my drawings ahead this week & then I am hopeful that the print will be available to purchase this time next week in my etsy shop so if you want first dibs do click to follow along below as you’ll be the first to find out!



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