Aprils DaphneRosa in bloom…

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I had previously planned to look at the Sweet Pea for April having taken advice from my father-in-law who runs a plant & seed company… however it turns out that there aren’t any in bloom right now – thanks pop in law – so I have decided to move May’s flower up & will be studying my own personal favourite, the Tulip.


Tulips have always been a favourite of mine because of their simple beauty & clean colours. I have a definite soft spot for the 1 colour varieties although there are so many more to appreciate with 2 tone colours, frilly edges, I certainly won’t be lacking inspiration this month!


I have been lucky enough recently to be gifted several bunches of flowers for my birthday & to celebrate the end of my day job & many of these were tulip based, my friends know me so well! These beauties were bought by a friend who thought they would add a new colour to my Instagram feed… obviously the pinks & blues are getting a little predictable!


My birthday weekend away recently gave more inspiration for this months bloom as while mooching around the beautiful Southwold we happened upon a lovely little grocers with cut flowers and bulbs for sale outside.


Unfortunately I was too laden down with yummy treats from the deli – first world problems – that I couldn’t snap any up but loved the orange tone of the Tulips on display. What you can’t see to left of me is the gentleman who kept putting his hand in my shot. I must have taken about 8 shots with his hand in before I was successful as he was completely unaware of my struggle & I would imagine has no idea of the need for that perfect Instagram square! Did make me chuckle! If you want to know more of what we got up to check out my post here.


So I’m excited to now have an excuse to fill my house & studio with my favourite blooms this month & also to see what comes out at the end of it. Since starting this project 3 months ago I have collaborated with another designer maker, made flowers out of clay & created a set of hand illustrated postcards to raise money for charity which you can find in my etsy shop now.

All new achievements for me so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens this month & if you want to make sure you keep up to date make sure to follow along below… have a great week peeps!



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