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This weeks post is a little behind the scenes look at where I work, my little studio. Having shared a pic of the studio – as part of the Instagram challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker – & had people show an interest in where I worked I thought it was about time I gave you a little tour!

studio desks

So this is the pic I shared & shows you my main working space in the studio – yes I know the second table top is a different width, you can imagine how annoyed I was when I got back from Ikea – which is made up of 2 desks along 1 wall. I am really lucky that the studio was in the garden when we bought our house as a previous owner had been an artist – definitley not the only reason we bought the house – & it even has underfloor heating! I have tried lots of different configurations over the past couple of years but think I’ve got it pretty much sorted now as the opposite wall is where my storage lives…

ikea craft storage

Ikea really do make the best storage for crafters! I wouldn’t say I’m completely happy with the layout but currently everything has a home & it means the studio doesn’t look like a tip so I’m content, for now!

I have a lot of fabrics & ribbons & such like & again have struggled for ages to find the best way to store them. I do have a very ugly filing cabinet full of fabric too but anything which is coloured currently lives in an old bookcase. I find it helpful to be able to see what I have all at once without having to search around in drawers.

fabric storage in studio

My ribbons live on top in semi organised boxes which again are easy to access when I need them. I keep thinking I should maybe get rid of some but they are all so pretty!

ribbon storage in studio

I inherited a vintage tailors dummy which I recently painted for wedding fairs as it makes a great display for my buttonholes. When she’s in the studio she stores flower crowns & my fair banner which is made of pom-poms… of course…

daphnerosa banner in studio

Having recently started working from home full-time I am trying to make sure the studio stays clean & tidy so that I want to come in & work everyday! It’s easier said than done & some days I don’t manage it but luckily today is a good day…

desk in studio with whiteboard


You may have spotted some yarn which is a hint to a new direction coming for DaphneRosa which I’m working hard on at the moment. Can’t wait to share it with you all when it’s ready, I’ll be showing sneak pics on my Instagram so come & check it out for DaphneRosa breaking news & plenty of pretty flowers. I hope you liked seeing a little behind the scenes into the studio? It’s definitely still a work in progress as I there are some tweeks I’d like to make it for it to be as functional as possible but it’s definitely my happy place!

colourful ribbon

In the spirit of cleanliness I have recently been sorting through my fabrics & craft supplies & have loads of goodies which I’ll be selling soon – I just can’t bear to throw them away – so be sure to follow me on my separate Instagram page @daphnerosasells to snap up a bargain!



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