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This weeks #daphnerosainbloom update is a little less flower heavy – don’t panic the Tulips are still here – & more focused on the process & way I’ve been working. I have said before in previous posts how much I’ve been enjoying working in a sketchbook again but this hasn’t been entirely true… what?! she’s been lying to us I hear you cry – gotta love a bit of drama – well not lying as such but maybe a slight bend of the truth…


The truth – I do love a sketchbook & have really enjoyed getting creative in 1 again for the project

The lie – I haven’t been in love with my sketchbook… saddest of sad times…

I should have known when I chose 1 that wasn’t ring bound that a love affair wasn’t on the cards. For those not up on your sketchbook choices, anything not spiral bound won’t lie entirely flat when you’re working in it which – watch out for drama again – can be insanely annoying. Now I am a collector of sketchbooks & notebooks so this month I decided to suffer no more & transfer the first 3 months over to a new book & you won’t believe how happy it’s made me – yes I probably do need to get out more -…


So having spent some time doing this & therefore less time on my Tulips I thought I’d share something a little different with you this week to give you a peek into my creative process. Moving over to the new book was no quick fix as I had to transfer information, drawings, fabric swatches etc & I didn’t want to lose any of the detail in the notes I’d been adding alongside my work. I knew I was going to need plenty of pen choices, possible a brush & ink for some brush lettering – my new fav way to make writing look like it jumped out of pinterest – & my collection of washi tape. I also had my typewriter letter stamps & ink pad as everyone loves a bit of typewriter font right?

sketchbook page kikkik quote card2

This time around I started with a KikkiK quote card as it seemed appropriate alongside what were my initial ideas for flowers for the year at the very beginning. At the start of the year I also grouped the flowers seasonally & explored the option of focussing on each months birth flower.

I then made my choices for each month – 2 of which have already changed… oops – & decided I would display these using post it notes & washi tape. When I was at uni I always loved mixed media in my sketchbook, ripped pages, different layers & textures which I wanted to include in the new sketchbook too.

sketchbook pages2

Then I worked my way through January to April transferring all the work from one sketchbook to the next…

So now I’m pleased as punch – I wonder where that phrase comes from? – with my sketchbook & can’t wait to fill it with tulipy goodness this month. I have started to look at the bloom & have done a little sketching but no physical flowers as yet. I’m thinking that there will be a paper element to how they are made this time & that I might experiment with pattern & colour, watch this space!







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