DIY fridge magnets…

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Today’s DIY project was inspired by my hubby, credit where credit is due! I’m going to show you how I made a set of magnets for our fridge to help us be organised with our weekly meals. Now we hate supermarket shopping so we have ours delivered each week, which means we need to be super organised & plan our meals. I don’t know whether it’s a sign of age but it seems to be getting increasingly difficult for us to even remember what we had the week before, so hubby suggested having the meals we eat regularly on the fridge to choose from, light bulb moment! I knew this was a DIY waiting to happen so I thought I’d share it with you all!

magnet DIY resources

I ordered my magnets from first4magnets & although I could probably have gotten away with something slightly smaller I like that the gave me plenty of room to decorate! They are magnetic on one side & have a self-adhesive side which was important as I knew I wanted to attach my own paper.

self adhesive diy magnet on tissue paper

I used white tissue paper as I wanted the dark colour of the magnet to show through a little to co-ordinate the dark grey work surfaces we have in our kitchen. I just peeled off the backing paper on the magnet, stuck it down carefully to make sure there were no air bubbles & cut around it… simple! I then added my meal options using a brush pen.

brush lettering diy magnet tutorial

For the days of the week I want something a little different but still simple so just used normal lined paper. This time I drew around the magnets first & cut the paper before attaching.

diy magnet tutorial line paper

I used my brush pen again to add the days of week & trimmed any rough edges.

brush lettered days of the week diy magnet tutorial

Some of the magnets weren’t completely covered by the paper – my measuring skills obviously not quite up to scratch – & because everything looks better with washi tape I decided to decorate the edges.

brush lettered diy magnets with washi tape

Once I had all my magnets I was ready to display!

This was really super easy & I hope will help us to stay organised with our weekly meals but also means that we can swap things around easily if we need to.

completed diy fridge magnets in kitchen

We are currently working our way around the house adding some DIY touches to rooms to finish them off so do stay tuned for some more home DIY’s coming up!

completed diy fridge magnets

I’d love to see if you have a go yourself so please tag me in any pics on Instagram, happy weekend peeps!




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