Paper tulips…

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Last week I decided that #daphnerosainbloom this month would be the month I had a play with paper properly. With a fairly simple petal structure I figured Tulips would be a great way for me to experiment with making paper flowers for the first time so gathered a range of materials & got started.

magazine paper petals

I’m keen to start using more recycled or environmentally friendly materials in my work so started by chopping up some magazines I had lying around. They were super sturdy & held their shape well but were a little difficult to manipulate without ripping & I couldn’t get them to glue together for love nor money… next!

handmade paper tulip

Scrap white paper was next which was good as still held its shape well but didn’t quite get the petal shapes right for the Tulip. I had some double-sided origami paper hanging around so tried that next as I thought it might be cool to have pattern on both sides of the petals.

origami paper tulip

I liked the shape, still a little difficult to manipulate but may be something I come back to later. I had seen a tutorial for making tulip petals out of napkins & as we always seem to have plenty lying around – who can get out of Ikea without buying them?! – I gave these a go next.

These gave a much better Tulipy – definitely invented a word this month – shape but I didn’t like how thick and puffy they were so thought I’d try the same technique with tissue paper instead.

Still a bit puffy with the double layer for each petal so then I tried cutting the tissue paper into individual petal shapes and manipulating them into the Tulip shape. I also wanted to try a little colour so splopped – technical term – a bit of watercolour on too.

I now felt like I was getting somewhere with these puppies so continued with the same construction but wanted to play around with colour so added a little brush lettering…

tissue paper tulip brush lettering

Cute right?! Then I had some left over paint in my palette so screwed up some of the tissue paper and dabbed up the paint with it to create a random sort of tie-dyed effect. With this I made a couple of smaller tulips as I found the larger petals harder to retain the shape of the Tulip & they worked really well!

Manipulating the mini petals was a little fiddly but I think they worked really well in a more miniature form & so used up some more of the watercolour paper I had used earlier to create 1 with a pinky hue.

watercolour tissue paper tulip petals

I’m excited to have found a process I like for the Tulips so next week is for development. I am going to be having a go with my We Make Collective kit which involves dyeing techniques so this might give me some colour direction for the Tulips too. There will be a blog post up on the kit on Saturday so do follow below if you want to be the first to see!



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