Fun facts about Tulips…

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I’ve really loved looking at my favourite flower, the Tulip, this month & I’m really pleased with how the flowers are looking. After dedicating my time to drawing last month to create a new product – charity postcards in my etsy shop here – it’s been really nice to get back to making physical flowers.

handmade watercolour tissue paperp tulips

As part of the project I am also looking into the stories behind the flowers each month so here goes with fun facts about Tulips…

  1. There are 75 wild species of the bulbous plant which is part of the lily valley
  2. There are many possibilities for where the word Tulip originated but it is believed it could be from the Persian del band – ‘Turban’ – which was applied because of the resemblance of the shape of the Tulip flower to that of a turban!
  3. Tulips are called lale in Turkish which when written in Arabic letters – ‘lale’ – has the same letters as Allah, which is why the flower became a holy symbol.tulips4
  4. It is thought that red tulips symbolize true love when gifted, purple represent loyalty & if you’re in the dog house white say I’m sorry.
  5. Tulips were once the most expensive flower… in the 1600’s ‘Tulip mania’ took place & bulbs were said to have costed 10 times more than a working man’s average salary in the Netherlands – I mean they are my favourites but…
  6. Tulip petals are edible & can be used in many recipes instead of onions – not sure my husband would be happy if petals popped up in his spag bol – & they can even be used to make wine – now this I could get on board with…image
  7. The Netherlands are the biggest producer & exporter of Tulips, nearly 3 billion bulbs each year. At 1 point Tulips were their 4th biggest export after cheese, gin & herring!
  8. They are perfectly symmetrical in petal structure.
  9. It is the symbol for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation with a variety named after its founder James Parkinson.
  10. Tulips will bend & twist toward the light, even in a vase & can grow another inch even when cut.tulips6

As for making more Tulips these I will be able to share next week although I can tell you that they might have been inspired by a recent exploration of shibori & tie dye from the most recent We Make Collective box which you read about in my post here.

Have a great week peeps!




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