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So this year has been all about creative growth for me & my project #daphnerosainbloom has played a big part in this so far. Making new flowers each month has encouraged me to consider my process, materials I use & potentials for the flowers once made. One of the best things about the project is new avenues that have arisen for the flowers such as the floral postcards I created last month which you can find in my Etsy shop & collaborating with other creatives.

fabric flowers in the studio

Instagram is definitely my favourite social media hang out – although I am trying to get my dinosaur brain around  Snapchat at the mo – & there are many creatives I love to follow on there, 1 of which is Georgie St Clair. Georgie creates the most beautiful hand drawn images which she then decorates with fresh flowers. I have always thought that my flowers might work in collaboration with her stunning drawings & January’s flower – the Azalea – seemed like a perfect bloom for this. Now emailing someone you admire to see if they would like to work with you is pretty damn scary but I put my big girl pants on & fired off an email & to my surprise Georgie was excited about the prospect of working with my flowers!

Not only was Georgie super lovely & enthusiastic about a collaboration but it turns out we have more in common than I had expected with Cambridge links & fabric wedding flowers to name just a few. So I set about creating some flowers in Georgie’s usual colour range of pink’s & purples & sent them off to see what she created & boy was I not disappointed! So here she is, Georgie’s beautiful Sassy De Fleur wearing my blooms…


Not only did emailing lead to a beautiful image being created & the opportunity to see my work in another form but I learnt not to be afraid of reaching out to other creatives as you just never know what might come of it. It seems far too easy to assume that your work isn’t good enough, that your following isn’t big enough but in reality we are all just human beings behind our work & you never know when you could make a new internet buddy so if there’s someone you admire I highly recommend getting in touch!

fabric flowers blue and pink2

Georgie has recently joined Not On the High Street so check out her shop here or to see more of her work & the stories behind them check out her website.

If you want to follow the progress of my project make sure to follow below or on Bloglovin, April’s Tulips will be up next week & there will be another super exciting collaboration coming soon, watch this space!



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