Shibori dyed fabric tulips…

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April’s #daphnerosainbloom was quite a journey, from paper napkins to painted tissue paper petals & finally shibori dyed fabric tulips. I had absolutely no idea at the beginning of the month that these shibori dyed blooms would be the end result of the months work which is 1 of the best things about this creative project. Not only are the possibilities endless but the process itself is an unexpected journey each month.

Not everything works of course but that’s the great thing about the project, with no agenda or pressure for a final outcome it gives me the freedom to experiment without fear of failure, not a luxury us creatives often get! So if you’ve read the previous posts you’ll know the story of the tulips so far & this week was all about finding the right material for the finished flowers. I had spent sometime experimenting with my most recent We Make Collective kit – read about it here – which was all about different techniques for dyeing fabric. As a result I ended up with a pile of pretty fabric swatches from my experiments which seemed perfect for my tulips.

shibori dyed fabric

I used the same petal shape that I had perfected with my paper blooms so set about cutting  a set of small & large petals as each fabric tulip would need 3 of each.

shibori dyed fabric petals


Then I stitched them into the tulip shape. The fabric didn’t have as much rigidity as the paper to keep the tulip form so I needed to manipulate the petal shape with stitching alone. As a result the petals are a little floppier & don’t always have the ‘perfect’ shape but I think this only helps to make them more natural looking.

shibori dyed fabric tulips6


Once I had the fabric tulip shape I needed to give them a stem so I used wire & floral tape just like the other flowers I make. Once I’d finished I realised the stems probably should have been thicker to look more like a tulip stem but in the spirit of ‘progress not perfection’ I decided not to let it stress me out, I mean life’s too short right?!

Next up were the leaves. The tulip leaves wrap around the stem so the shape of them was going to be important. I started with magazines…

shibori dyed fabric tulips5

… & then crepe paper for a more realistic shape & here they are…

shibori dyed handmade fabric tulips3

I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out! Tulips are my favourite flower anyhoo but I think these are probably my favourite #daphnerosainbloom flowers so far too as they combine a range of techniques, I love the colour from the dye & they are so spring like!

I’d love to know what you think so come on over to my Instagram & let me know or leave me a comment below… enjoy the short week peeps!





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