Miracle Garden Dubai…

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably be aware that we took a little trip recently to visit my Dad in Dubai. Whenever we go & visit him 1 of the first things we do is to sort out what & where we want to go during our stay. Having done most of the touristy things in previous trips the Miracle Garden was a new 1 & an obvious must for me, I mean it’s no secret I like a flower or 2!

Miracle Garden Dubai 5

I apologise now for the picture heavy nature of this post but I hope you’ll understand why by the end! Talk about snap happy, I literally couldn’t stop! Everywhere you turned there were flowers, flowers on flowers, flowers on houses, flowers on the Eiffel tower, you name it Miracle Garden had it…

My long-suffering Dad & not so long-suffering but very patient husband did such a good job of putting up with me stopping to take a picture every 2 steps in 38 degree heat in the middle of the day & here are the results…

Miracle Garden Dubai 2

Miracle Garden Dubai 15

Miracle Garden Dubai 12

Miracle Garden Dubai 18

And Dubai wouldn’t be Dubai if they didn’t throw in a Sarah Jessica Parker/Meryl Streep look a like floral display… I mean…

Miracle Garden Dubai 4

So there you have it, a little snap shot of our trip away & a hella of lot of floral overload! I might share someĀ of my top places to visit in Dubai on the blog soon if you fancy it? Let me know!



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