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So my last #daphnerosainbloom post was full of gorgeousness from some of my favourite Instagrammers & their bluebell snaps – check it out here – which not only inspired me to attempt to up my photography game but also to not stop until I found my own bluebell wood to snap my own pics. So while the sun was choosing to make an appearance at the weekend we headed out in search of bluebell woods in our local area & boy was I not disappointed with what was on offer!

bluebell woods portrait 7

The ancient woodland of Waresley and Gransden Woods was a delight to behold as the floor had literally become transformed into a carpet of bluebells.

bluebell woods landscape 5

We carefully picked our way through the woods snapping as we went & how I’ve managed to edit it down from the hundreds of pics I took I really don’t know, but the photos really don’t do it justice…

bluebell woods portrait 18

Now I have many moments where I am thankful & full of love for my job but I have to admit wandering around these beautiful woods full of bluebells with my hubby on a gorgeous sunny day was a pretty awesome way to tick something off my to-do list!

bluebell woods portrait 13

One of my favourite things about my #daphnerosainbloom project is getting to learn more about the different flowers I am focusing on. For instance bluebells are often a sign of ancient woodland & many of the bluebells we may spot in our gardens are actually Spanish in origin or hybrids.

bluebell flatlay 2

You can usually tell the difference as our own native bluebell is darker in colour, with a pronounced droop & beautifully fragrant. The Spanish variety is more upright with paler flowers all the way around its stem.

bluebell woods portrait 10

I’ve also discovered that it is illegal to uproot any wild plant – not that it was on my list of things to do at the weekend! – including bluebells which are protected in this country thanks to a great feed on Emma A Quiet Style’s Instagram. Julia from Humphrey & Grace has also shared a great guide to photographing wild flowers & the etiquette of picking them here¬†if you want to make sure you stay on the right side of the law!

bluebell woods panoramic 2

So overflowing with pictures & inspiration I set to work exploring the bluebell in my sketchbook.

bluebell sketchbook page

I haven’t done any ‘serious’ drawing for a long time so it was really nice to spend some time revisiting those skills & there are plans afoot for the drawings but you’ll have to tune in next week to see… who knew there could be a cliff hanger in a blog post about bluebells…



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