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Monday’s arrived again which means it’s time for a little #daphnerosainbloom update & bluebell progress. Feeling inspired after our visit to the woods last week – check out the full post here –  I spent some time this week really thinking hard about what I wanted to achieve with the bluebells this month.

bluebell woods3

I love that the project gives me complete freedom to experiment with whatever I want but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, not having any guidelines to work with. I am going through a bit of a transition with the business at the moment & am working towards a bit of a new look & new focus moving forward – more to come on that soon I promise – so I thought this month it would make sense to tie #daphnerosainbloom into that product & process development. So brush lettering was my first port of call. Ever since I received my brush pen in my first We Make Collective box – read all about it here – I haven’t put it down & although I don’t profess to be an expert or anywhere close I am loving practising!

brush lettering3

The only difficulty I have is coming up with things to write so if anyone has any suggestions of words or phrases I could use do let me know in the comments or over on Instagram.

brush lettering4

In terms of the bluebell itself I am making full use of my newest We Make Collective craft box where the focus is lino printing. Not something I’ve had a go at since school so I’m keen to get playing with the technique to see how I can create some bluebell inspired images. It seems the process has improved a lot since I was hacking away at hessian backed lino at school & I’ve taken advice about inks to order & how best to get started so tune in next week to see the finished article!

lino printing equipment2

To tie this in with my new product development I’m also going to be experimenting in the week ahead with how I can incorporate my first textile love, weaving. More to come on this with the changes that will be happening around here soon but for now here’s a little teaser…


So lots of making fun to be had this week before I share the finished result in next weeks blog post! To finish I thought I’d share a few more of my favourite bluebell images from Instagram as I couldn’t fit them all into my previous post! Do go & check out the work of Emma, Laura & Olivia – all linked below – to indulge yourself in the natural beauty they have to offer on their feeds.

bluebells silver pebble instagram

Photo credit: Emma Mitchell

bluebells we made this home instagram

Photo credit: We made this home

bluebells birdhouse instagram

Photo credit: xxthebirdhouse

Have a great week!



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