Bluebell lino printing…

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The end of May means the last bluebell post of the month which is a little sad as I’ve really loved May’s flower. Not only because I visited some bluebell woods for the first time – really can’t understand why I’ve never done this before – but also because I experimented with lino printing which was so much fun!

sketchbook lino printing planning

Back in the sketchbook I started by designing what my print was going to look like based on previous sketches & my snaps from the bluebell woods. As the whole purpose of the #daphnerosainbloom project is to challenge myself creatively without agenda I always like to try a new craft & this month was lino printing, from my most recent We Make Collective kit. The lino I received in the kit was tall & slim which worked really well for the bluebells & I sketched my design on in pencil. When you receive the We Make Collective kits you also get access to a range of tutorials from craft experts & this really helped to keep me on the right track while I was experimenting. So I then went over the lines with a permanent marker, taking advice from my buddy Claire from Claireabellemakes & started cutting!

lino cutting 3

My previous lino cutting experience dated back to my art lessons in school & my memories just seem to be filled with hacking away at this tough hessian backed lino which smelt a bit funny & cutting half the skin off my fingers in the process – disclaimer this memory may be a little exaggerated – but oh how times have changed! I had received several sized heads for my cutter in the kit & started with the smallest to get the outline of my drawing & the small spaces in between. Then I swapped to a wider head to carve out the bigger spaces.

lino cutting 2

The aim of the game is to take away any space that you don’t want to print leaving just your design behind which takes a little time but boy is it satisfying! I took tips here from Teri Muncey of The Lovely Drawer & once I had taken away most of the background, voila my block was ready!

lino cutting

If I had 1 handy I would have then stuck this to a piece of wood to make printing easier but it was fairly easy to use as it was. So next up was actually printing, woop! I tried it out in my sketchbook first to eliminate any problems before moving onto fabric.

lino printing 2

I used a small roller & some printing ink in blue & black, rolled the ink onto my block & then smoothed it onto the paper…

lino printing

I experimented with how much ink to use when lino printing & also the effects that can be created when printing with one ink application multiple times…

lino printed blubells

Can you tell I was enjoying myself?! So finally I started to print onto fabric. I knew that I wanted to make something out of fabric this month from my bluebell endeavours – although I still haven’t worked out what yet, any suggestions welcomed! – so I set about printing the bluebells across a pieces of white cotton in a random pattern.

lino printed fabric

I liked the differing depths of colour so randomly spread them across the fabric – please excuse the creases – & then added some of the brush lettering I had been working on earlier in the month – post here – to add a little something extra.

lino printed fabric with brush lettering

I am so pleased with the final fabric & now I just need to work out what I want to turn it into. Current ideas are a cushion for my work in progress dressing room – see the shibori dyed curtains I made on Live it Love it Make it – or maybe a fabric notebook… any suggestions gratefully received over on my Instagram & I’ll pop the result on here once I’ve made it!

So another month down & June is set to be a stunner, it’s peony season, I’ll say no more…




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