5 things I wish I’d known before Blogtacular….

So last weekend I attended my first Blogtacular. I wanted to share a few things I wish I had known beforehand, in case you are thinking of going to a conference or networking event soon or are planning on attending the event next year… which if you’re a creative you really should be!

Blogtacular 2016

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As it was my first Blogtacular I really didn’t know what to expect but it surpassed all expectations I didn’t have. A creative conference with community at its heart it was full of amazing speakers, exciting people to talk to, an awesome goody bag & amazing food! Run by Kat & her amazing team it really was an inspirational day that left me motivated & ready to improve my business & blog going forward.

Blogtacular 2016

Photo credit: MollieMakes

So what did I wish I’d known…

– Don’t be afraid – I’ll admit that I was pretty damn nervous before Blogtacular. I mean all these super cool people who I admire on the internet actually there in person, would I be able to talk to people? what will I wear? will everyone be way cooler than me? Having taken part in some of the Blogtacular twitter chats before attending & being part of the members Facebook group – absolute musts if you are thinking about attending next year – I sort of already knew this but I really needn’t have worried as not only was everyone super nice the day was so jam-packed I literally didn’t have time to worry! Which leads me on to number 2…

– People are nice – one of my absolute favourite things about the day was getting to chat to fellow creatives. Whether they were people I already follow, new people or people who follow me – yes someone actually stopped and said “you’re Kate from DaphneRosa aren’t you?” that’s right, #practicallyfamous – everyone was so open to chatting & getting to know each other, unlike any other event I’ve been to. It may be because you often knew something about the other person from following them on-line so it kinda felt like you were starting on the 3rd date & there were hugs a plenty which I always find the perfect ice breaker!

Blogtacular 2016 Mollie Makes photowall

– I am a blogger – I guess this 1 sounds a little daft but I would never describe myself as a blogger – more a small business owner who has been having a bash at blogging – but it turns out that a) I blog therefore I am a blogger  – even if I worry only my mum reads it &  b) it doesn’t matter anyway as Blogtacular would be just as inspiring, blogger or not.

Blogtacular 2016 Creative balloons

– Don’t worry about overwhelm – often when attending courses, conferences or networking events I leave with a massive headache & a sense of overwhelm either about what I’ve learnt or what I missed out on. Blogtacular has to be 1 of the best organised events I’ve been too with over 300 people being moved between sessions & breaks like clockwork which massively helped everyone get the most out of the day. There was also great variety in the sessions to choose from & ample time for chatting & snacking in between, my favourite pastimes!

Blogtacular 2016

Photo credit: MollieMakes

– How much I would learn – for me, Blogtacular was primarily a way to connect with others & although I knew there were some kick ass sessions to attend I didn’t quite predict just how good they would be. Kate from A Playful Day’s session on Community was a game changer & Xanthe Berkeley showing me how to make a video – yes I made a video! – was super practical yet achievable. Lisa Congden’s opener as keynote speaker was momentous & Enid Hwang from Pinterest finished the day of perfectly…

I feel another blog post on the just the sessions alone coming soon…

Did you go this year? You can find me in the usual places if you want to say hey but my fav hangout is Instagram & if you didn’t I hope my post has given you a little head start on attending next year, I certainly will be!



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