Paper peonies…

This weeks #daphnerosainbloom peony post is all about paper peony progress – I feel a lot of p words coming up – & I had intended this to be my last peony post for this month. But having perused – see what I did there – the calendar I think I can squeeze another week out so this is actually my penultimate paper peony progress post… boo ya!

pink peonies daphnerosa 3

These peonies were waiting for me at home from the husband after I’d been away for a few days, what a good egg hey… & like no others I had ever seen. They had different coloured layers of petals but the cream ones were much smaller… does anyone know what it’s called?! It’s a stunner thats for sure! Thinking about what I was going to do this month I had decided I wanted to go back to making an actual flower after last months printing & was pretty sure I needed a paper element to give shape to the petals. My first attempts were of the pom-pom technique – anyone ever made those tissue paper pom-poms for their wedding? – & although quite effective didn’t quite give me the soft layered effect I was looking for, they were a bit bloomin awful if I’m being totally honest, progress not perfection & all that…

paper peony daphnerosa 2

So I went back to my roots & began sewing the flowers together using individual petals & adding in a fabric element with some blush coloured tulle.

paper peony daphnerosa 3

paper peony daphnerosa 10

paper peony daphnerosa 5

Sewing the petals individually gave me much more control over the shape of the flower, being able to manipulate each one as they were added & I was much happier with the result. I also softened the colours with a pale pink & the blush tulle & now want to try a mixture of white & pink like these beauties.

pink peonies daphnerosa 2

I have also been wanting to use my flowers to create some interiors products so my focus next week is also to trial a new idea with these peonies, a sort of flower hanger type decoration, let’s see how it goes anyway, I’ve made a start at least…

paper peony daphnerosa 11

So the last piece of peony news for you this week is pretty big. I don’t know how many of you will know of the blog A Beautiful Mess but it’s a favourite of mine & this week the lovely ladies behind it featured 1 of my pictures on their Instagram feed. A small win for some but a pretty big deal for me so excuse my little celebration… back to the flowers next week I promise!

a beautiful mess daphnerosa peony





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