Paper peony progress…

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This last month has been all about the peonies & practicing my paper flower making skills. Running a small business, it isn’t often that I get to sit down & devote time to developing my making skills which is 1 of the reasons I am loving my #daphnerosainbloom project this year. Progress of the paper peonies has been slow – a week really just isn’t long enough – but I am pleased with the steps forward I have made which has been helped along with such beautiful blooms to study.

peonies daphnerosa blog 3-7-16 3

Last weeks practice with paper went well but the flowers were lacking in definition, missing the structure of the many layers of the peony. I did however really like the combination of the paper & tulle for structure with softness.

paper peony daphnerosa 5

To create a more defined structure to the peony petals I moved from tissue paper to crepe paper which is the paper of choice for many paper flower artists. I had a pack of coloured crepe paper which wouldn’t have been my ideal choice in terms of colour – brace yourselves – but served it’s purpose for practicing my paper peonies.

paper peonies daphnerosa blog 3-7-16 2

I tried a few different petal shapes as these are what create the overall flower shape. The crepe paper is ideal as it can be stretched to manipulate the petal shape & the purple peony was my first attempt. Although the layers of tulle in the centre worked well to create a layered centre similar to some peonies the outer petals created completely the wrong shape, with petals opening rather than curving back in on themselves. Round 2…

paper peonies daphnerosa blog 3-7-16

So attempt number 2 involved a paper centre & less pinching at the bottom of the petals to make them curve around more at the top rather than open out, which seemed to work a little better. Next up was refining the shape of the petals. I used 3 different shapes for the next flower out of gold crepe paper & then added a little tulle to the outer petals.

paper peonies daphnerosa blog 3-7-16 3

I was much happier with this version as it had more definition in the structure of the petals & more of a realistic overall form, so I went on to create another adding in white this time.

white and gold paper peony daphnerosa 3-7-16

I have lots of ideas for new products which will hopefully be coming out over the next few months & here is a little hint at 1 on it’s way…

gold peony hanger daphnerosa blog 3-7-16 2

Now to order some crepe paper in colours which are more on brand & altogether more beautiful… any requests let me know below!

peonies daphnerosa blog 3-7-16 2

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