Hydrangeas for July…

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Half way through the year & almost halfway through the month – honestly where does the time go?! – so it’s about time I share July’s flower for #daphnerosainbloom, the beautiful Hydrangea.

hydrangea in bottle daphnerosa warm

When I originally planned out all of my blooms for the year the Hydrangea was definitely on the list but for a little later in the year. But nature doesn’t always play by the rules & obviously flowers bloom for longer than just the month I choose to look at them so as I had seen them cropping up on my Instagram feed & in bouquets recently I thought I’d bump them up to July!

hydrangea petal flatlay crisitna colli daphnerosa

Photo credit: Bridget Beth Collins

The Hydrangea is a fairly new plant to me but I’m already in love with its delicate individual flowers & gorgeous colours. I managed to grab some to have at home from the bargain bin in Tescos this week but I would love to add them to our little courtyard garden so watch this space.

hydrangeas daphnerosa warm

As 1 of my bargain bin beauties was a little worse for wear & brown around the edges I decided I would try pressing some of the blooms this month. I’m not entirely sure what I might do with them but we shall see! I separated the individual flowers from the head & placed them in-between some paper under some heavy books. A little less sophisticated than an actual flower press I know but should do the job, fingers crossed.

hydrangea petals flatlay scissors daphnerosa

So what am I going to do with the Hydrangea this month? Well I’ve had a commission to create a floral mixed media canvas which I’ll be working on over the next few weeks & I feel the Hydrangea could lend itself to working in a similar way. But as with every month of the project I have completed so far I’m not entirely sure. I love that inspiration is gained, ideas are generated & processes experimented with as I go & that I’m never completely sure what the end result is going to be until the very end. All I can be sure of is that it will be pretty I mean just look, almost good enough to eat.

hydrangea close up portrait daphnerosa

Do you have hydrangeas in your garden & would like to share a pic? I’d love to see them & get inspired for the month of making ahead. Either tag me on Instagram with #daphnerosainbloom or pop me an email at daphnerosaflowers@gmail.com & I’ll feature my favourites on here too.



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