Getting creative with Hydrangeas…

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A grey, rainy day in the studio was my perfect opportunity to explore the Hydrangea which is July’s flower for my creative project #daphnerosainbloom. For those of you who are new round here #daphnerosainbloom is a challenge I set myself at the beginning of the year, where I look at a different flower in bloom each month & see what it inspires me to create. As always I never know what I am going to come up with when I’m looking at the different flowers each month & July is no different, eeek!

hydrangeas in bottle daphnerosa

It wasn’t until April that I discovered a desire to explore my subject matter through drawing, check out my experiments here. I’ve always loved to draw & spent a lot of my teaching life teaching others to do so & April’s flower – the daffodil – led me to creating my first paper goods. You can find the postcard set in the etsy shop if you fancy sending some happy mail & all the profits got to Marie Curie in support of their Daffodil appeal.

5 postcard set daphnerosa

So this has become my first port of call with a new flower, a little sketch or 2 & although I’m no Da Vinci I do love working in my sketchbook. This week I swiftly moved onto working with paper, a possible hang up from my paper peonies last week.

tissue paper hydrangeas daphnerosa

I started by adding a little ink to the petals to create the slight ombre look that some hydrangea petals have.

paper hydrangea 3 daphnerosa

Then I painted the paper the page in the sketchbook and the stuck the tissue paper petals on top to see what kind of effect it would give.

paper hydrangea 2 daphnerosa

Then came a little detail added with ink…

paper hydrangea daphnerosa

Playing with the tissue paper petals was fun although I would like to do something different with this months flower. As I mentioned last week I have been commissioned to create a floral mixed media canvas so I think I would like to do something similar with the Hydrangea. I’m going to use my sketchbook to document all my experiments during the next week & hopefully there will be something of worth to work with at the end of it, keep those fingers crossed!

hydrangea experiments daphnerosa

I’m also on a mission this week to find my own Hydrangea for the garden. I have very little ability to grow or keep plants alive but as I walk through our little courtyard garden everyday now on my ‘commute’ to the studio I reckon I could give some living things another go!




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