London fun times…

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So it’s been a little quiet here on the blog recently so I do apologise if you’ve missed my ramblings… there is a support group I can put you in contact with if needed, just let me know. The short story is that life has gotten in the way a little & I’ve been attempting to practice that allusive concept of ‘being kind to myself’. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I struggle not try to do everything to the best of my ability. I was that annoying girl at school who wrote 48 pages of A4 – front & back said in style of Ross from Friends – for an essay just to make sure I had done enough. So taking a step back from things is not my favourite pastime but has been necessary & I’m pleased to be back!

So what better to talk about than give you a little run down of a fun trip I was treated to recently in good ol’ London town, all about taking time out to be kind to myself which seems to involve eating… a lot…

pastel coloured houses london street daphenrosa

Now its great to have good buds but even better when they surprise you with a day out just because & my good friend Cat really did plan the most fun day…

georgia o keefe exhibition tate london daphnerosa

Our first stop was the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition at the Tate Modern which you can find the details for here. An artist I studied way back when I was in school it was awesome to see her work in real life, especially those which I had painted myself for various projects in the past. It’s on till October & I highly recommend a visit. Then we headed off towards our first food stop of the day via Borough Market.

borough market london daphnerosa

Having never visited before I was amazed by the range of food, drink & fresh produce on offer along with pretty plants & flowers. Unfortunately as we were on our way to lunch & didn’t want to ruin our appetites we had to resist all the goodies but I did manage to squeeze in a fresh lemonade & photo opportunity with flowers & my feet for Instagram… of course…

flowers borough market london daphnerosa

Then we headed off to lunch at the Bourne & Hollingsworth buildings which was another new one on me & again on my list to revisit. Greeted at the reception desk which also happens to be a grand piano we were shown to our table in the most beautiful of rooms, filled with hanging plants & gorgeous mis-matched furniture. I settled into my comfy armchair covered in a beautiful botanical print & we proceeded to enjoy a thoroughly delicious lunch which felt utterly luxurious, a definite change to grabbing some toast on my sofa when working at home.

the bourne and hollingsworth buildings london daphnerosathe bourne and hollingsworth buildings london 2 daphnerosathe bourne and hollingsworth buildings london 3 daphnerosa

I was forcefully instructed that I wasn’t permitted to order dessert as this was our next stop… a specific stop for dessert… yes please. And where better to get dessert than Fortnum & Masons ice cream parlour where we were joined by a special guest… no celebrities I’m afraid but a surprise visit from another friend which was a treat in itself. And then came the ice cream…

ice cream sundaes fortnam and mason london daphnerosa

Another bonus of being in Fortnum and Masons was being able to see their gorgeous floral staircase in real life & not just through the window of Instagram & I spent a little while – ok a long while – snapping away to my heart’s content!

floral staircase fortnam and mason london daphnerosa

Next we popped over to the Kings Road & more snapping was to be had of the beautiful coloured houses & a little shopping in Muji & Neals Yard for nice smellies & stationery, the perfect combo.

Then our last stop was at Pergola on the Roof for another surprise friend arrival & good food & cocktails…

the pergola 4 london daphnerosathe pergola 2 london daphnerosathe pergola london daphnerosa

I’d love to know if you have any favourite places to visit when you visit the capital, it’s my turn to plan the next day of fun so any suggestions gratefully received!



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