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So if you’re an avid reader around here – well why on earth wouldn’t you be?! – you’ll have read my little update on Saturday about things having been a little quiet around here & #daphnerosainbloom has taken a little hit too. At the beginning of the year I set myself the challenge of using a different seasonal flower each month for inspiration to create something new & so far it has been brilliant, opening doors & inspiring ideas I would never have had otherwise. So I’m back with a catch up of the hydrangea from July.

pale pink hydrangea close up daphnerosa

So in my last Hydrangea post I had started to have a play with paper by recreating the petals of the hydrangea flower. I wasn’t overly excited by them but did feel like I wanted to use paper as my medium for this month. I decided to revisit stitching into paper which I first experimented with, many moons ago, at university.

cotton reels pyramid portrait daphnerosa

But what to stitch? Recently the artist Katie Chastain used 1 of my Instagram pics as inspiration for a painting & not only was I really touched she had chosen 1 of my pics to use it was also really interesting to see my work in a different medium.

painting from instagram daphnerosa

Photo credit: Katie Chastain

As my Instagram feed has been totally swamped with completely gorgeous hydrangea snaps this month I thought it would be fun to use some to stitch into in the same way & here’s what I came up with…

stiched hydrangea images wall daphnerosa

Hannah Argle hydrangea stiched image wall daphnerosa

Original image:  Hannah Argyle

Hannah Argyle stiched hydrangea image pegboard daphnerosa

Original image:  Hannah Argyle

The Loveyl Drawer stiched hydrangea image wall daphnerosa

Original image: The Lovely Drawer

Hannah Arglye stitched hydrangea image daphnerosa

As the months move on I seem to be drawn to other ways of using the flowers for inspiration that aren’t making the actual flower itself which is giving me food for thought for the future of DaphneRosa & future products. Recently I have really enjoyed developing a range of greetings cards which have been warmly received & even winging their way across the globe! You can check out the new cards in the etsy shop & let me know if you have any ideas for new designs.

Augusts flower was planned to be the Gladioli but I have decided to take a break for a month. This isn’t a decision I take lightly as I hate the idea of an incomplete month in my year-long creative project but I have been forced to learn how to be kind to myself recently & realise that this is just a necessity. The result of needing to take some time out lately & booking a spur of the moment week away is that I need to catch up with some things in the business & then I hope to hit #daphnerosainbloom with renewed inspiration in September. If you have any suggestions for blooms that month let me know!



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