Roses, roses & more roses…

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Having missed last week’s post I have a little to catch up on with regards to the progress of  my creative project #daphnerosainbloom this month & it’s all roses, roses, roses! Now roses aren’t 1 of my favourite flowers so I was a little worried about whether it would be harder to get inspired this month. So I decided to re visit the roses that I already make & develop these to begin with & ease myself in gently.


For a little background – if you haven’t already been bored with this story – DaphneRosa started when I made my own wedding flowers. As many wedding business’s begin I then ended up making them for other people & now although this is still a part of my business I have moved on to also making flowers for non-wedding purposes & paper goods. I first made these leather roses when I was experimenting with different flowers for a wedding bouquet. I loved the material to work with & thought they created a lovely rose shape so decided to list them as a single stem flower in the etsy shop. They are by far my best seller, mainly being purchased to celebrate 3rd wedding anniversaries which are signified by leather. I’ve recently expanded the colour range & they are going from strength to strength!


Having already spent some time developing the shape of the petals & the flower for the current leather roses for the project I decided to change the material instead. As the 2nd wedding anniversary is signified by cotton I thought it would be fun to try them with some different cotton materials.


pic of cottons folded


I also thought it was a great opportunity to play with pattern a little so chose some gorgeous printed cottons from Cloth & Candy to experiment with. Cotton fabric does not hold its shape as well as leather so I needed to stiffen the fabric a little so began by applying some interfacing to the back which seemed to do the job. I then made the roses in the same way as before & here are my results!


I am a big fan of linear drawing which you may have seen in previous months & also geometrics so it’s been great fun to introduce some of these elements into my work. I gave some of them matching printed cotton leaves but others some of the coloured leather as an accent which I think works really well. I am really pleased with the results & although #daphnerosainbloom is not intended to produce a saleable product each month I can see these sitting alongside the leather roses as a new collection so are live in the etsy shop today! So jump on over & have a look if you want to treat someone to a little pretty or brighten up your own home or office, no watering required!


Now all I need to do is decide what I am going to do for the rest of the month! I think I’ll just get the sketchbook out & see where it takes me, tune in next week…

Have a great week peeps!



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