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Howdy peeps! Checking in today after a little blogging break with an update of my creative project this year, #daphnerosainbloom. Completing my project this year has been a wonderful adventure into different crafts & disciplines & educating myself about all manner of flowers. It was my aim to be inspired to create by a different bloom each month for 2016 & I am determined to reach that goal. Life however has a funny habit of getting in the way & has had other ideas for me recently. My first instinct is to apologise to you all for  the interrupted service but I have also learnt the hard way that it’s far more important to just let go of what you need to, to make life easier, to look after yourself & allow yourself the space to be able to come back better & stronger. So for now I’m back – yay! – so back to the roses…

rose close up daphnerosa

When I embarked upon this project I had no idea of where it may lead me & I feel so excited & inspired when I think about the unexpected paths it has taken me down already. I’m already really looking forward to writing that final post of the year where I get to look back at all I have done & achieved, but back to September for now…

pale pink & fuchsia roses

Last month was a little different as I already had roses as part of my product line, in fact my leather roses are my best seller! So I used the beginning of the month to create different versions of these in printed cottons which have now joined their leather friends in the shop & have been well received so far with some new patterns coming soon!


So the second part of the month I suddenly had complete freedom to spend the remaining time experimenting for no reason, the creatives dream. An outstanding custom floral canvas request seemed like it could be an ideal development for the roses so I started by drawing in my sketchbook & then moved onto experimenting with paint.


Then it was time to start on the canvas… eek! I adopted the ‘get going & see where we end up’ approach – with a little designing first & luckily all seemed to end well! The final piece includes a combination of paint, machine embroidery, appliquéd flower shapes & a 3D metallic rose with glitter leaves… oh yes! I’m really pleased with how it turned out & so is the future recipient – phew! – especially the combination of 2D & 3D roses which add interest & texture to the canvas. Now just to stretch it over its frame & it’ll be off to its new home.


So already a little way into October I now need to get my bum in gear with the next bloom & I look forward to sharing all with you next week! I’ll end this week with just a little thank you to you all for reading, commenting & following along & not giving up on me, it really does means the world.

Have a great week!



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