DIY Dahlia garland for October…

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With October nearly over, the clocks going back & the leaves starting to fall it’s time to have a little look at October’s flower of the month, the Dahlia. When I started #daphnerosainbloom I had no idea where it would lead me, I certainly didn’t know I’d be creating a DIY Dahlia garland in October, that’s for sure! I wanted a project which would give me creative inspiration in 2016 with no agenda & I’m so happy that this is what I’ve achieved. Recently it has become more difficult to maintain however, as things happily get busier in the business I did at 1 point fleetingly consider not finishing. But knowing myself, I knew how disappointed I would be to have fallen short so close to the finish line so it may be a little rougher around the edges & not quite so detailed as previous months but it’s here…


Not only have other things gotten in the way but if I’m honest I was also a little stumped as to which flower to look at for October. As the year has progressed & with changes in weather & climate it seems flowers have been blooming earlier so all my planned choices had shifted up a month which left October a little lonely. But as always Instagram came to the rescue & as the Dahlia seemed to be the bloom of choice for all the fabulous floral instagrammers I follow it seemed an obvious choice. So I quickly set to creating a Dahlia board on Pinterest to get inspiration from such images as this beauty which you can actually buy (very tempted!) – link below.


Photo credit : Georgianna Lane

With limited time I knew I was going to have to be sensible with what I attempted to accomplish. I started in my sketchbook, as this has become my favourite place to begin, with a little sketching of the Dahlia using different media.


I really am enjoying drawing with pen much more than pencil recently. I don’t know whether this is as a result of my new-found love for brush lettering & the practice I’ve done with this for new products for the business but it seems like I’m sticking with it & the Dahlia was no exception.



Once I had a few drawings I was happy with I started to think about what I could create with them. I’ve said all along that the point of this project was never to create products, but to create for no purpose to take any pressure or expectation away from the process. However I am learning about myself in the process & it seems I naturally want to have an end product when I do anything! I didn’t want to create a print or a postcard as I have done this in previous months so I pondered what else I could use the Dahlia drawing for. We are currently adding to the decor of our home so I wondered what I could possibly create to add to this & I thought I would try a garland & I thought you might like to try it too so I created a download to share!


It’s a super easy DIY as all you need to do is cut out the flowers & washi tape some string or ribbon to the back to join them. I used gold & white bakers twine as I had it to hand but you could use coloured yarns & ribbons, whatever takes your fancy. I also kept the Dahlia flowers black & white to suit our monochrome bedroom scheme but you could print them on coloured paper or even pattern paper would look super fancy! Find the PDF to print here dahlia-download-daphnerosa.


I’d love to see if you create your own & if you share any on social media do tag me @daphnerosaflowers on Instagram or #daphnerosa. Now to decide on the bloom for November…





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