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So I may not have maintained my goal of blogging about my #daphnerosainbloom every week but I am pretty damn pleased with this DIY handmade mistletoe for November & can’t wait to share it with you! If you’re new to the project I have been studying a different seasonal flower each month in 2016 to gain creative inspiration to create something different each month. I have created postcards for charity, shibori dyed flowers & even used clay as the year has progressed & have loved having the freedom to create with no agenda. This month I decided to look at mistletoe as the festive season is fast approaching & one of my favourite christmas decorations is this glittery mistletoe…


I’ve been wanting to use my clay We Make Collective box for ages now & this seemed a perfect little project to get it out & have a go! I’ve also been working with felt & glitter fabric recently on some new card wallets so thought I’d use these too as they were to hand & who doesn’t like a bit of glitter at Christmas! I thought it would be nice to create a DIY decoration that was super simple so here it is!


You need…


  1. First I took an equally sized piece of white & pale pink clay & squeezed them together to create a marble effect. I then rolled these into small bead shapes. I did insert the wire at this point to create a small hole for glueing onto the wire later but eventually decided against this so you an ignore the little holes! I then placed these in the oven – following the instructions on the packaging – at 130 degrees for about 20 minutes. They will still be soft when you take them out but will harden as they cool.mistletoe-leaves-diy-daphnerosa2. Then I cut the leaf shapes. I decided I wanted double-sided leaves, one side glitter & one side felt so I placed the felt & glitter fabric wrong sides together & cut out the leaves freehand. This ensures that both sides are the same shape for gluing later.glitter-diy-mistletoe-leaf-close-up-daphnerosa3. With all leaves cut I cut the wire into short lengths – approx 5cm – & using my hot glue gun glued a line down the middle of each glitter leaf, placed on the wire & then sandwiched the felt on top!mistletoe-leaves-diy-daphenrosa4. With all leaves glued on individual pieces of wire I then grouped them into groups of three & twisted the wires together. Then I twisted the groups of three leaves all together to create the mistletoe shape I wanted.  I decided I didn’t really like the look of the wire so wrapped the white florist tape around the wire, starting at the bottom leaves & working my way up. The florist tape sticks to itself when stretched so don’t worry that it isn’t sticky to start with!mistletoe-diy-taped-daphnerosa5. The last thing to do was to attach the berries which I did using my glue gun again, glueing them at various points on the stem & voila!

taped-mistletoe-diy-daphnerosa diy-mistletoe-hanging-daphnerosa diy-mistletoe-laying-down-daphnerosa mistletoe-with-lights-daphnerosa-cropped

I loved making this DIY handmade mistletoe & it now has pride of place hanging at home ready for a little festive smooching! If you give it a go I’d love to see what you create so do be sure to tag me & use the hashtag #daphnerosa on Instagram.

Happy making!



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